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Category: Pop

Artist: Kelly Clarkson

Ringtones: Tie It Up - Kelly Clarkson

And my heart started skippin’ a beat 
I was tryin’ to play it cool 
But i knew it was true 
That nobody would ever compete 
Well first comes love and then comes… 
First date first kiss 
We were checkin’ off the list 
Then you were gettin’ down on your knee 
And you didn’t have to guess 
It was a always a yes 
Now there’s 2 less fish in the sea 
Let’s set the date 
Let’s hire a band 
Let’s cut the cake 
Tie up the cans 
I love the ring of your name 
You’re the ying to my yang 
Oh baby let’s give it a shot 
Every wall needs a frame 
Every ball needs a chain 


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