Ringtone Why Not Me

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Category: Pop

Artist: Enrique Iglesias

Lời bài hát: Why Not Me? - Enrique Iglesias



Escaping nights without you with shadows on the wall 
My mind is running wild trying hard not to fall 
You tell me that you love me but say I'm just a friend 
My heart is broken up into pieces 
'Cause I know I'll never free my soul 
It's trapped in between true love and being alone 
When my eyes are closed the greatest story told 
I woke and my dreams are shattered here on the floor 

Why oh why tell me why not me 
Why oh why we were meant to be 
Baby I know I could be all you need 
Why oh why oh why 

I wanna love you 
If you only knew how much I love you 
So why not me 


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