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With MP3 cutter & ringtone maker, you can easily trim music, merge music, mix music and cut exactly the best piece of music and create a unique ringtone for each contact. Can also set as your own alarm / notification ringtone. This tool also supports bitrate & volume adjustment to create the highest quality melodies for you!

How do I crop a song for my ringtone on android?

?Quickly import and cut audio:
● Gradual and fading effect.
● Audio cutter, cut exactly to ms.
● Support mp3, wav, ogg, m4a, acc, flac, etc.
● Waveform zoom for precise sound cutting.
● Set start and end time manually.
● There is a music player available that can play music at any time.

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Powerful audio compilation and extraction:
● Compile audio names and convert formats, for example mp3, aac, etc.
● Merge and add sound.
● Sound mix.
● Adjust the hd audio bit rate, 64kb / s, 128kb / s, 192kb / s, 256kb / s, etc.
● Decrease / increase volume.
● Set a unique ringtone for each contact.
● Set as ringtone, alarm, notification.

How to use the audio cutter:
1. Select a track from your phone / SD card
2. Select the length of the track you want to cut and cut
3. Edit trim editing files (title, format, speed, volume, etc.)
4. Save as ringtone / alarm / notification or share.

How do I cut part of a song for a ringtone?

♪ Powerful ringtone cutter
There is this cool ringtone cutter, you can cut and trim your favorite ringtone. Powerful ringtone cutter has a lot of functions. Come discover what this ringtone cutter can do for you!

♪ Merge and join audio
The audio pairing function can make it easy to pair or pair sounds together. You can freely change the order of the songs and add songs with good sound quality.

♪ Audio mixer
Best audio mixer for music lovers. You can choose your favorite songs and mix them into music. Just try out the mixer and create your own unique music.

♪ Exclusive ringtone editor
Directly set a unique ringtone for relatives and friends. Download this mp3 composer / ringtone maker to unleash your creativity!

♪ Simple audio cutter
This audio cutter can automatically recognize ALL the audio files on the machine and the SD card. You can also use the built-in browser to search for songs.

♪ Professional audio editor
MP3 cutter and ringtone maker help you through the waveform zoom to quickly choose the audio length, or manually set the start time or end time. You can cut music in audio editor and recompile.

♪ Highly efficient audio cutter
No need to wait for current conversion to be completed. You can use this MP3 editor to directly start cutting next audio clip. In addition, you can re-edit the tracks in the extracted file.

♪ Creation melodies an incarnation
Not only is an mp3 cutter, but also an mp3 editor, ringtone cutter, mix mixer, trim, ringtone maker, ringtone editor and notification tone maker.

Guidance on powers:


How do I edit audio ringtone files?

MP3 cutter & ringtone maker needs access to your contact data, then you can choose a dedicated ringtone created for each contact.

Rest assured that this request is only for the ringtone setting. MP3 cutter & ringtone maker will never collect your contact info.